WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Explains Why Trump's Black People's Comments are Problematic

Donald Trump knows that if he is going to win another election, people who aren't whites without a college education are going to have to vote for him. And the former President spent this weekend trying to target African American voters. 

During a rally last night, the former President remarked, "These lights are so bright in my eyes I can't see too many people out there... I can only see the Black ones. I can't see any white ones. That's how far I've come. That's a long way isn't it?"

Co-host Michael Steele asked, "Garrett, the comments the president made to that room, what was the reaction inside the room? Because from what I could hear from the clip, it wasn't this overwhelming. It was like 'Oh, okay. is that what we're doing now?' The idea that he could stand in front of a Black audience and make comments like I can't see anybody, you know, because the white lights are too bright, but I could see the black people."

Haake responded, "Michael, here's the thing: in that room, I mean, this is sort of a self-selected audience ... this is a room full of Trump supporters, right? So I think this is a different audience than the broader audience that he's trying to reach where's there's a little bit of an 'Oh, shrug it off, that's how Trump talks in the room'."

The reporter continued, "When these clips are played around the country to that broader African-American audience whom he is desperately trying to make some inroads with, I think that's when you have the real problem here."