WATCH: MSNBC Panel Cracks Up at Clips of Trump Being Loudly Booed at Libertarian Convention

When Donald Trump was first running for President in 2016, he promised that if elected, he would only work with "the best people." The idea of any of the best people working with Trump is laughable and his performance last night at the Libertarian Convention shows that he actually has the worst people by his side. 

A MSNBC panel discussed the debacle this morning on Alicia Menendez's show. And the members of the panel couldn't contain their laughter when discussing Trump's wild experience in Washington DC last night. 

Menendez noted that Trump is trying to appeal to voters outside of the Republican party, saying, "Donald Trump hopes to win over Libertarian voters in his quest to win back the White House, but that may be easier said that done."

After the show played a host of clips showing Trump being booed by the audience, guest Michael Steele remarked, "That went well." The former head of the Republican National Committee continued:

"That was a good night out. Look, why did Trump go there? What was the point there because my sense was, we were talking and laughing during the break, there was a little bit of trolling going on there. One part of his brain was really put off by the booing because, 'I'm Donald Trump and everyone should love me.' But the other side of his brain was like, 'Okay, this is good.'"