WATCH: MSNBC Legal Expert Says Coney-Barrett’s Recent Partisanship Comments ‘Like Reading an Onion Article’

Donald Trump placed 3 judges on the Supreme Court. Despite the fact that he was taking Merrick Garland’s spot, Neil Gorsuch wasn’t all that controversial. Brett Kavanaugh was the complete opposite. Despite a number of red flags, including an allegation of sexual assault, he was pushed through by Republicans.

Photo by Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images

Amy Coney Barrett was the last justice nominated by the 45th president. Many were very worried about how her extreme religious beliefs would affect her work. Republicans, though, were quick to approve the nomination despite a horrendous process.

The newest justice recently gave a speech at a Kentucky political school where she talked about the importance of avoiding partisanship in the court. When asked for a reaction, MSNBC’s Dhalia Lithwick told Chris Hayes that it was like “reading an Onion article.”

The MSNBC legal expert continued, “That’s just straight-up trolling. One thing I really noticed and I think kind of got lost in the irony today is the way in which she went to an event, as you said, it was a Mitch McConnell event, and the press was not advised that it was happening. There are no recordings of it. The handful of reporters that were there were allowed to take notes.”

Lithwick closed her remarks:

“It is the most astonishing lack of self-knowledge to get up and say that you shouldn’t listen to reporters, you should read our incredibly nuanced opinion that was a page-and-a-half last week in the abortion case, and just don’t trust the press because they’re lying to you. Trust me, we’re non-partisan. It is next-level cynical.”


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