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WATCH: MSNBC Declares Boebert’s Omar Lie as GOP’s Worst 2021 Moment

WATCH: MSNBC Declares Boebert’s Omar Lie as GOP’s Worst 2021 Moment

Lauren Boebert, who surprisingly won a congressional seat in a deep red Colorado district, has been controversial since day one. During the January insurrection, the Republican tweeted out the location of Nancy Pelosi. The Colorado Rep. was also criticized for regularly trying to get around the House’s metal detectors.

UNITED STATES – JANUARY 4: Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., is seen during a group photo with freshmen members of the House Republican Conference on the House steps of the Capitol on Monday, January 4, 2021. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

But according to MSNBC, her worst faux pas came more recently. Ayman Mohyedin recently declared Boebert’s lie about Ilhan Omar to be the GOPs lowest moment of the year.

Speaking with Al Sharpton, Mohyedin declared:

“Not only is she spreading Islamaphobia with her account of what did not happen, but the fact that she’s actually lying and making up a story from scratch and then trying to fundraise on it, for me, I think it’s just one of the lowest moments because it tells you what the GOP has sunk to. They’re using hate to try to raise money. They’re perpetuating lies after lies, even when they’re speaking behind closed doors in these fundraisers to their constituents, and they’re doing it by dividing the country, not by bringing the country together.”

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Elise Jordan then weighed in, “She’s so mean that she imagines this but she doesn’t even have the courage to throw the insult and the racism in real life so it’s just pitiful. What a wimp.”

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