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WATCH: Mother Describes Autistic Young Son’s Encounter With Derek Chauvin — Knee And All

WATCH: Mother Describes Autistic Young Son’s Encounter With Derek Chauvin — Knee And All

Former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all counts for the murder of George Floyd, but that’s not the end for him. He’s also facing Federal charges, and while the justice system grinds its wheels, the public is only learning more about his behavior as an officer. Now one woman is telling the story of her own interaction with Chauvin — and how she protected her 12-year-old child from him.

[Photo by Minnesota Department of Corrections via Getty Images]

Amy Coughlin says in January of 2017, a mental health situation brought Derek Chauvin and his partner to her home. She says that her child was sitting on the couch and Chauvin rushed to handcuff him. Despite the child’s compliance, Coughlin describes the officer placing his knee on the pre-teen’s back, “on his back and close to his neck, if not on his neck.”

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She says Chauvin placed himself between her and the child, blocking her vision, so she can’t say exactly where his knee was, but she could see that something wasn’t right, and pleaded with the officer, “He’s not resisting. You’re hurting him. Please let him up.”

You can hear Coughlin’s full interview on the Objections podcast with Law & Crime‘s Adam Klsfeld here, and read more about it at Law & Crime here.

NPR reported earlier this month that Chauvin — along with the three other officers present at the murder of George Floyd — would be facing Federal Civil Rights charges. In a separate indictment, he’ll face charges for another 2017 incident in which he is accused of kneeling on the back or neck of a 14-year-old child and beating him in the head with a flashlight.

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