WATCH: “Most Racist Town In The U.S.” — Racists Exposed Respond To Black Lives Matter Sign

Rob Bliss stood next to a billboard reading “White Pride Radio.” He held up a sign that says, “black lives matter.” Drivers passing shouted abuse and threats. He was asked to leave. He documented the experience on video, and now he’s receiving more threats from people who want the video taken down.

Black Lives Matter attacked by racists
[Screenshot via Rob Bliss/YouTube]

Rob Bliss says that Harrison, Arkansas, is the “most racist town in the United States.” It’s where the KKK was founded, and there’s a big billboard promoting “white pride.” To document the level of racism in the town, Bliss stood near the billboard holding a sign that just said “Black lives matter.” In the clip below you can see people walk up or drive past, spouting hate.

The video contains racial slurs and other offensive language and rude gestures, so please view with caution.

One man passes and returns to warn Bliss that he’s coming back in ten minutes and they’d better be gone. A man holding a sign that reads, “homeless please help” walks up to warn that “several old men” have told him to pass the word to Bliss (referred to by a racial slur) to leave or die. Some passersby shout to tell him that Black lives do not matter. “F*** Black lives!” one woman yells, adding, “And I have Black friends!” The video does end with a hopeful tone, with someone walking up to pass Bliss a note telling him that what he’s doing is good, and “Don’t give up hope.”

Bliss, who works in viral marketing, has developed videos to support veterans, fight bullying, and expose sexual harassment. Now he says he’s being threatened with legal action for his Arkansas video, by people who are not happy to be exposed, and want the video removed.

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