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WATCH: Morning Joe Pokes Fun At Trump Tweet Inflating Poll Numbers

WATCH: Morning Joe Pokes Fun At Trump Tweet Inflating Poll Numbers

It is no secret that Donald Trump dislikes Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The former friends are now frequent targets of tweet storms from the President. Trump frequently references the ratings of the show and has referred to it in the past as “Morning Psycho.”

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While doing a segment on Trump’s poor approval ratings this morning, Scarborough said that he knows that Trump is watching. The host was potentially proven right when the President tweeted out misleading poll numbers soon after the spot aired.

Scarborough and co-host Willie Geist discussed a recent poll that showed Trump with a 62% disapproval rate. Soon after the segment, the President tweeted, “94% Approval Rating within the Republican Party. Thank you!”


A gleeful Scarborough said Trump was “the most loyal viewer.” The host continued, “[he] didn’t appreciate us spending so much time on his weak poll numbers. And now is tweeting that he actually is very popular among Republicans.”

Trump then shared another poll that showed him with a 51% overall approval rating. He wrote,”This despite the Fake News and Polls!”


Five Thirty Eight, which tracks a number of different polls, shows Trump’s aggregate approval rating at 41.6%.

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Scarborough continued to mock Trump by saying the Republican approval numbers aren’t accurate. “I know this will shock people that have watched this show and followed the president’s Twitter timeline, but actually he’s at 79% among Republicans,” said the host. “But I — but 15% here, 15% there. But I have got to say, 79% among Republicans, that’s still pretty good, but that and a quarter won’t even get you in line at a Starbucks come next November. It will be bad.”

You can watch the segment below:



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