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WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Says That Fox News Has ‘Left the Trump Train’

WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Says That Fox News Has ‘Left the Trump Train’

Fox News and Donald Trump have long had a mutually beneficial relationship. The network provided Trump with endless cover, defending him even when his behavior was at its worst. And the former President offered the channel special access to his White House and provided endless hours of fodder.

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It seems, however, that the January 6th hearings are having an effect on Trump and how voters view him. And Fox seems to be done with the former President, preferring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. During a Tuesday panel discussion, the hosts of Morning Joe claimed that the Conservative network has “left the Trump Train.”

Joe Scarborough began, “When you talk to people close to Trump, about whether he’ll run for re-election after the drubbing in 2018, said of course he’s going to run for re-election. I mean, that’s his ticket. He has too much hanging over him liability wise.”

The host continued:

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“If we just move this reporting to the side and look at the rest of it, he’s really showing signs of weakness out there, whether you’re talking about fundraising, whether you look at his candidates, the problems they’re having, not only in Republican primaries, but the ones that even do win, the financing problems they’re having. You know, I saw a clip on Fox last night that was in my Twitter feed, and it seems pretty obvious that Fox News has left the Trump train. They are jumping on the DeSantis express. He sees all of this happening while he is sitting in Mar-A-Lago. Doesn’t seem like he is going to be able to sit back much longer, does it?”

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