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WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Mocks Kevin McCarthy For Playing Stupid Games

WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Mocks Kevin McCarthy For Playing Stupid Games

Kevin McCarthy talked a big game following the January 6th insurrection. But just a few weeks later, he was down at Mar-a-Lago taking his marching orders from Donald Trump.

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And the House Minority Leaders Actions have only gotten worse since then. McCarthy attempted to make a mockery of a panel looking into the 1/6 riots by nominating Trump sycophants Jim Jordan and Jim Banks.

Democrats later named Republicans Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney to the panel. McCarthy ripped them for being “Pelosi Republicans.” On Tuesday, the Morning Joe panel blasted McCarthy for playing stupid games.

Joe Scarborough began:

“It’s what stupid people do. If you look at the facts, which Kevin McCarthy doesn’t ever do, Liz Cheney has like a 95 percent [American Conservative Union] rating, 95 percent conservative rating over the course of her career, which is actually my conservative rating, but what I found out a long time ago and Liz certainly has known for some time now, obviously, by saying what’s going on, this Republican Party, Donald Trump’s Republican Party doesn’t care about ideas, doesn’t care about ideology, doesn’t care about conservatism, it is disconnected from conservatism.”

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“It’s all tribal,” the host continued, “it’s all about voodoo in medicine, violence on Jan. 6, it’s all about covering up actually what Donald Trump is doing, and so Kevin McCarthy resorts to childish name calling for, again, I don’t know what Adam’s lifetime conservative rating is, but Liz’s is 95 percent, one of the more conservative members in the United States Congress, by the way, and so, that’s what they resort to. Why? Because that’s all they have.”


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