WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Mocks James Comer's Hunter Biden Failure

Kentucky Congressman James Comer has made it his life's work to 'get' Hunter Biden. The Republican has appeared on Conservative cable news networks for months, claiming that Republicans will bring down the President's son. 

This week, Hunter Biden called Comer on his bluff and offered to testify publically in front of the House Oversight Committee. Now Comer is backing down after Biden's offer. 

Joe Scarborough said of the Kentucky congressman, "He says, 'Come to our committee,' so Hunter says, 'Okay, I'll come to your committee,' he goes, 'All right, we better do this in private now.' Now they don't want the American people to see what Hunter Biden has to say. They've been spraying BS for a year about this guy, two years about this guy – 'If he was innocent he'd come down to our committee.' Well, they're coming down to the committee, and now, 'Oh, no, we don't want it to be public, we don't want the public to see it, we'll hide it behind closed doors.'"

Co-host Willie Geist then weighed in:

"Here we are again, Comer once again making a fool of himself. He can't invent evidence. I know they're all desperately trying for him to invent evidence. He can't invent evidence that's not there. So again, the ultimate humiliation, all we hear is, 'Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden is afraid to talk,' Hunter Biden is now saying, 'Okay, that's cool, I'm coming,' and now, it's Comer and his gang that are running for the hills in their coon hats holding a squirrel fryer in their left hand and a shotgun in the right."