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WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Is Tired of GOP’s Continued Embrace of White Nationalists

WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Is Tired of GOP’s Continued Embrace of White Nationalists

During Monday’s broadcast, Joe Scarborough slammed GOP leader Kevin McCarthy for doing little about the rise of White Supremacy in his party.

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Last week, news broke that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar could be looking into starting their own caucus. The duo passed out information about their America First Caucus that was rife with White Supremacist dog whistles. After swift condemnation, the pair scrapped their plans.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a vague condemnation of the group, but did not mention Gosar or Greene by name. Joe Scarborough took him to task this morning for refusing to do more.

“It’s dividing the Republican Party, and its leaders think they can have it both way,” Scarborough began. “I look at Kevin McCarthy, who on Jan. 6 condemned Donald Trump for what happened, because you had anti-democratic radicals, insurrectionists who wanted to overturn an election result because they didn’t like the outcome. They didn’t like the fact that the majority of Americans or more Americans voted for Joe Biden than Donald Trump, so they tried to overturn the election. Kevin McCarthy had first criticized it, then he went down to Mar-A-Lago to embrace Donald Trump.”

The Morning Joe host continued, “Kevin McCarthy came out and tweeted and criticized, without using their names, criticized that caucus. So, you know, a house divided against itself cannot stand, and this is a Republican Party who understands that there’s an angry base that is corroding its ability to continue being competitive in national elections, but they keep going back, and they keep trying to have it both ways, and in a case like this, if you’re talking about white nationalism or if you’re talking about fascism, you can’t have it both ways.”

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