WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Can't Believe Trump's Latest Ramblings

During his Monday morning show, Joe Scarborough was left baffled by Donald Trump's regular missteps on the campaign trail. 

Republicans, especially those in the media, are obsessed with Joe Biden's advanced age. What they normally fail to discuss is that Donald Trump is only a few years younger. And Trump's age seems to be showing quite often as he gives speeches around the country. 

Joe Scarborough discussed these gaffes on Monday morning. The host began:

"He said some really strange things, "Again, he battles through so many of the speeches. Maybe somebody should know he's not running against Barack Obama. Last couple weeks, he said repeatedly he is running against Barack Obama, he was ahead of Obama in the polls, that he beat Barack Obama in 2020. Remember when he beat Barack Obama in 2016? It is almost as if he's obsessed with Barack Obama."

Scarborough continued, "Really, if he were a leader of a party instead of just a leader of a cult, this personality cult, he would be more concerned about what's going on in the House of Representatives."

The Morning Joe host closed, "I've got to say, there are a lot of House Republicans that must be naïve and think they can continue playing games, instead of moving towards a speaker and putting a speaker in place."