WATCH: Morning Joe Panel Astonished at How Broke the Trump Campaign is

Donald Trump is not only running for President, he is also fighting a variety of lawsuits. And while he often brags about how wealthy he is, the former President is more than happy to use his supporters money to pay his legal bills. 

The Trump campaign recently took over the RNC, placing Lara Trump in charge. They will presumably be using the money to pay lawyers while also running a presidential campaign. Still, Jo Biden and the Democrats are raising way more money and the Morning Joe panel discussed Republican money woes on Tuesday. 

Jonathan Lemire said of Joe Biden, "He's been to basically every swing state while Donald Trump, to Joe's point, held one event. They had to pull down another, one scheduled for Arizona. They had to cancel it because they didn't have the money to pay for it. That is a concern for Trump world. The Biden team has a massive cash advantage."

An aghast Joe Scarborough responded, "Jonathan, did you just say Donald Trump -- you have reporting that Donald Trump had to cancel an event, the only event he's had, would have had on his own in a long time, they didn't have the money to run the event?"

"It was an event that was not publicized yet," Lemire replied. "It hadn't been officially announced, but they were planning an Arizona event they had to pull down because they couldn't afford it. They didn't want to use their resources there. It was not that it had been advertised yet, but, still, this was something they wanted to do and couldn't."