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WATCH: ‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Trump Over His 2020 Fears of Joe Biden

WATCH: ‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Trump Over His 2020 Fears of Joe Biden

On Monday, Donald Trump took to Twitter and sent out a series of tweets about former Vice President Joe Biden, who was campaigning in Pennsylvania. This is significant because Biden is a proud son of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and that state is part of the infamous “blue wall” that crumbled in the rust belt in 2016, handing Trump his electoral college victory.

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The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe had a bit of fun with Trump’s apparent fear that Biden might be able to deliver the White House to the Democrats in 2020 by way of Pennsylvania and the rest of the rust belt.

Host Joe Scarborough, who is a former Republican Congressman from Florida, said of Trump’s tweets:

“When Kenny Rogers sang about ‘The Gambler’ he was not thinking of Donald J. Trump, because (he) has the worst poker face, I think, in the history of modern American politics. He was sort of on a meltdown (Monday) about Joe Biden being in Pennsylvania, there’s a tweetstorm about it, and you can tell he’s really scared of Biden.”

MSNBC contributor Elise Jordan chimed in:

“Joe Biden has definitely gotten under his skin. and that the way Joe Biden is going about attacking him, not directly head on, but referencing the lies and the lack of moral character, and definitely making Donald Trump part of his case for defeating him, that the character of the man does matter, has been effective and has gotten in Donald Trump’s head.”

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Whether or not the jolly pundits of Morning Joe are correct, remains to be seen. However, it appears that we will all be treated to many more Trump/Biden clashes between now and 2020. If nothing else, it will be entertaining, regardless of political persuasion.

Watch the segment below:

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