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[WATCH] Morning Joe Mocks McCarthy’s Meltdown as Dems Still Pass Build Back Better Bill

[WATCH] Morning Joe Mocks McCarthy’s Meltdown as Dems Still Pass Build Back Better Bill

GOP Grinch Kevin McCarthy tried to stop progress from coming on Thursday night, but it came all the same as the Democrats passed their Build Back Better Bill on Friday morning.

McCarthy’s 8-hour-long rant on the House floor did little more than make him an even bigger laughingstock with his opponents and the media while embarrassing him in front of his colleagues, some of whom publicly did a full 180 with their support.

WASHINGTON, DC – January 18: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks at a news conference announcing a new division on Conscience and Religious Freedom at the Department of Health and Human Services January 18, 2018 in Washington, DC. The new division, part of the department’s Office of Civil Rights, will aide medical professionals who object to certain procedures on religious grounds. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put out a statement soon after someone finally found McCarthy’s ‘Off’ switch.

Matt Gaetz started out as supporting McCarthy’s old-school filibustering of the Build Back Better vote–because hey, who needs better roads and bridges–but apparently someone from Daddy Dear Leader’s office made a call, because Captain Venmo went back on his word just a few hours later.

Twitter savaged McCarthy for his histrionic display to try to block the historic bill. Still no explanation for why he doesn’t care about the safety of his constituents, but whatever Dear Leader wants, right Qevin? Plenty of his colleagues got in on the dragging as well.

The crew over at “Morning Joe” certainly enjoyed roasting McCarthy on Friday morning. “I’m not sure what Kevin was getting at,” host Joe Scarborough said during the panel discussion. “I will say, when you look at the issues, if you go down the issues, and…Democrats have been total idiots over the past six months about all of this. If they can talk about universal pre-K for working moms and universal pre-K for working dads and the other benefits for seniors. I personally hate SALT stuff, it’s a boondoggle, but I will tell you, in every swing district, you go up in New Jersey and New York, and all along, the Democrats just gave swing voters huge tax cuts. If they can talk about the issue, they’ll find it in their district, they are extremely popular.”

Watch the Morning Joe team’s collective pan of McCarthy’s unhinged and hysterical performance below.

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