WATCH: Morning Joe Hosts Pound Beers, Mock Trump's Milwaukee Comments

Donald Trump may have won the election in 2016, but the man has terrible political instincts. Since he's taken control of the GOP, the party has regularly underperformed in elections. A big part of that is due to both Trump's words and his behavior. 

On Thursday, Trump conducted a meeting with several Republican lawmakers and during this session, he mock the city of Milwaukee, where the GOP is having its National Convention. This misstep led to mockery from the Morning Joe crew who drank Milwaukee's Best beers while tearing int the former President. 

Trump's response to the comments being leaked was to claim that it never happened. Joe Scarborough opined:

"They can try to spin it. First, they lied because, of course, they're Trump Republicans, saying, ''Oh, he never said that.' And his spokesperson: 'Oh, that's BS, Trump never said that. Then, of course, we find out later — Mika, you hate beer, you don't have to pretend anymore — and then later, they admitted that he said it and were spinning the rest of the day."

Scarborough continued, "The fact is, let's just say what it is: Donald Trump trashed the most important city in the upcoming 2024 election. You know why? Because he's Donald Trump."

Charlie Sykes then weighed in, "I mean, this is a farce inside of a fiasco. It was really interesting watching local Republicans struggling to get their stories straight after Donald Trump dumps on Milwaukee again."