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WATCH: Morning Joe Hosts Discuss Donald Trump’s “Morbid Obesity”

WATCH: Morning Joe Hosts Discuss Donald Trump’s “Morbid Obesity”

A few weeks ago, it looked pretty certain that Bernie Sanders would be the Democratic nominee for President. Then Super Tuesday happened and Joe Biden became the presumptive favorite. Since then, both conservatives and Sanders supporters have gone on an all-out assault on Biden’s mental health.

Michael Vadon

During Monday’s episode of Morning Joe, the hosts found it hypocritical that people that are confident in Donald Trump’s mental health would attack Biden. Mika Brzezinski said that not only is Trump’s mental fitness questionable, but that the President is also “morbidly obese.”

Comparing Trump to Sanders and Biden, Joe Scarborough remarked, “The three men who are most likely to be the next president of the United States are all in their 70s. At least two of them are not in peak health, they have underlying conditions. The president, of course, is obese. He’s not in good shape.”

Brzezinski then piped in, “You can see by the morbid obesity. You can see by the morbid obesity.”

Scarborough then continued:

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“You can see the obesity, you can see by his diet that he is not healthy. He is not in good shape. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, he has an underlying condition. We don’t know about Joe Biden’s cardiac health, we don’t know. We know one thing, they’re all in their 70s. None of them look to be in tip-top shape, and they’re all, of all the people who are likely to have a severe reaction to coming in contact with a coronavirus, they’re all right in the center of that bullseye.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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