WATCH: Morning Joe Explains Why 'Walking Perjury Machine' Trump Can't Testify

Part of the myth of Donald Trump is that the former President is an intelligent person. Whenever he participates in a debate or an interview, though, it quickly becomes clear that this is not the case. 

Trump has continuously claimed that his current New York case is a sham. So one may wonder if he is so smart, why he isn't testifying in the case if it would be so easy to prove it false. That won't happen, explained Joe Scarborough on Wednesday morning, because Trump would nearly immediately perjured himself. 

The Morning Joe host began, "I mean, the story of his life. Who's shocked? Nobody is shocked. This is a guy that said, of course, 'I'm going to testify, I'm going to testify.'"

The former Repbublican congressman continued:

"You knew he wasn't going to testify for a couple reasons. One, he's just a walking perjury machine. Seriously, you got a new [Ninja brand] ice cream machine that you say makes ice cream really quickly? Well, he's a Ninja perjury machine, right? You stand in front of it and it creates instant perjury. So we all knew he was lying, and it is a lie all along. He knew he wasn't going to testify."

The host then asked, "Again, I wonder who is stupid enough to believe him, right? I wonder why his voters that keep going back to this guy when -- because it's not just about -- it's about everything."