WATCH: Morning Joe Explains Why Aileen Cannon Has to Be Careful With Trump Case

Donald Trump hasn't been on the receiving end of too much good news lately. All the legal cases against the former President are starting to get hotter, most of all is the federal case built by Jack Smith. 

There has been a slow release of the evidence against Trump and it doesn't look favorable for him. He did have one piece of good fortune when Aileen Cannon, a federal judge he nominated, was assigned to the case. She had previously delivered rulings meant to protect Trump. 

While Cannon may want to use her power to protect Trump, Joe Scarborough says that it may not be so simple for her to do so.

Legal expert Dave Aronberg told the host, "She made some controversial rulings, but she also knows she was publicly humiliated by the 11th Circuit [Appeals Court]. The three-judge panel cited it, and they smacked down her rulings, and they took her off the case, and two of the three judges were Trump appointees."

Scarborough then followed:

"If she makes the wacko rulings like last time, going back to the 11th Circuit. I do love how it's playing out. It's not going to the 9th circuit, the most conservative circuit in America with Trump- appointed judges, and they reverse it and going back down to another Trump-appointed judge, and the question is how much does she want to be humiliated? Has she learned? We will see. Any bad ruling will be reversed by the 11th Circuit. The only thing here, let's just say that somebody wanted to drag this case out to benefit Donald Trump, that is one thing completely in her power. That's what Donald Trump wants."