WATCH: Morning Joe Explains How Trump Is Increasingly 'Losing It' Over Legal Issues

During his Thursday broadcast, Joe Scarborough opined that Donald Trump's refusal to attend the second Republican debate is another sign that he is cracking from the pressure of his legal issues. 

Donald Trump recently announced that he will not be participating in the next Republican debate. To some degree, he doesn't need to. Trump has been the clear first choice of Conservative voters and you can argue that debating will only hurt him. Joe Scarborough thinks there are other reasons that he is avoiding the event though. 

The Morning Joe host said this morning, "He's the most insecure guy on the face of the earth behind that facade. He has to know what his fiercest defenders on Fox News say.

Scarborough continued, "Ninety-one counts – if he goes 90-1, he's going to jail for the rest of his life, 90-1. He could win 90 and lose one, every one of those counts, basically, at Donald Trump's age, that equals a life sentence, so, yeah, the guy is worried."

The host closed:

"I mean, we'd be throwing people's names around – 91 counts, every one of them is a life sentence," Scarborough said. "The guy, obviously, is cracking. I think he's losing it, which is why the last thing he wants to do, the last thing his lawyers want him to do, is go out and debate. He may give admissions, and his political people don't want him to lose his mind onstage."