WATCH: Morning Joe Explains How Kristi Noem Puppy Story Explains Today's GOP

It is very likely that during this election season, Donald Trump will pick a woman to be his running mate. The former President is wildly unpopular with female voters, and the idea is that this could soften him a little bit. One of the key candidates is Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota. 

But by recently relating a story about how she murdered a puppy for acting like a puppy. On Monday, the Morning Joe panel discussed how this idea is representative of today's Republican party. 

Mika Brzezinski began:

"I'm having a hard time with this one. So I come from growing up on somewhat of a family farm run by Eastern European immigrants. We definitely had -- we were deer hunters, turkey hunters, geese. There was absolutely a sense of life and death with animals in our life, but there was never a joy in killing, and there was a respect to it and a process if you were hunting and if you brought home game."

The co-host continued, "But this story was more about how she felt killing an animal, and that's what's scary about it. The impatience, the kind of like a switch flipped in her brain, and she decided she needed to kill it. Like, this is not someone you want in charge, not someone thinking through."

Joe Scarborough then weighed in, "The most remarkable part of it is, and we can get serious here for a half second, the most remarkable part of it is, that the conservative movement has been so corrupted by Donald Trump and has reached such new lows that she actually put that in about the killing of a happy puppy because she thought it would help her with the base."