WATCH: Morning Joe Discusses Trump Rant So Bad Fox News Cut Away From It

Donald Trump has been holding rallies for months and during these events, he's said some truly unhinged things. Conservative voters don't know that, though. Fox News and other Conservative channels certainly don't report when the former President says something crazy.

Fox does show Trump rallies, of course, because they are of interest to their viewers. But this weekend, Trump went on a rant about water pressure that was so off the rails that Fox News had to cut away. After showing the clip, the Morning Joe crew discussed how the Conservative media is protecting Trump. 

Mika Brzezinski began, "Fox News cut away from Donald Trump's speech rally in Philadelphia on Saturday as he droned on about low water pressures in homes, washing his hair, how he likes a lot of lather. Imagine if Joe Biden did this, by the way. It would be 24-hour coverage of Joe Biden losing it. This, they go to break."

Joe Scarborough followed, "Donald Trump, when you look at any of his speeches front-to-back, looks like he is off his rocker. It's crazy the things he says, it's crazy what people stand there and applaud for. Here, they just look thoroughly confused and Fox News had to cut away because they are like, 'I got nothing here, I got nothing.'"

John Heilemann then opined, "When Fox News thinks there is too much lather going on with Donald Trump and they are, like, too much lather, he likes to lather, a lot of lather. That is how you know that he has jumped – you mentioned sharks there, I think I heard you. I don't think he talked about sharks in this event, but he has metaphorically jumped the shark."