WATCH: Morning Joe Crew Savagely Roasts Trump For Losing Control of Party to Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump has become borderline obsessive over staying in control of the Republican party. He got a taste of the power the White House offers and would very much like to have it again. There are, however, a number of obstacles he is going to have to overcome to become president again.

Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

First, he is gong to have to conquer serious legal challenges in New York and Georgia. Trump’s health will also have to hold up considering his age and physical condition. And he may have to stave off an ambitious competitor in Ron DeSantis.

A straw poll conducted this weekend showed DeSantis leading Trump as the choice for the 2024 nominee. The Morning Joe panel mocked the former president over those results on Tuesday. A laughing Joe Scarborough began, “I don’t know, it seems like it’s Ron DeSantis’ party — any other news? I mean, he owns this place. Why don’t we just put ‘mission accomplished’ up at the RNC. It’s over, it is over.”

Michael Steele jumped in, “He propped up DeSantis, talked about Desantis being his running made in 2024. And DeSantis may be calling him, ‘Will you be my cabinet secretary?”

Scarborough closed the segment, “Help me, man. He gave DeSantis his start, DeSantis wouldn’t be here but for him, and now all these people are saying it’s DeSantis’ party. Unfortunately for [Trump] it looks like DeSantis’ party.”

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