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WATCH: Morning Joe Calls out Secret Service For Clear Trump Cover-Up

WATCH: Morning Joe Calls out Secret Service For Clear Trump Cover-Up

During Cassidy Hutchinson’s stirring testimony to the J6 Committee, she relayed a story about Donald Trump’s actions towards Secret Service agents during the insurrection. The Secret Service agents involved claimed that the story that she told was false.

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Of course, those agents have not testified under oath to the committee. And when Congress attempted to acquire the text message records of the agency from that day, they learned that they had been deleted. During Monday’s show, the crew of Morning Joe blasted the Secret Service over the cover-up.

The host began, “According to testimony before the [Jan. 6] committee and corroborated by others, Donald Trump lunged and grabbed the steering wheel and lunged at a Secret Service member’s neck telling him to take him up to the Capitol, and that was known within Secret Service circles.”

“Now, of course,” Scarborugh continued, “the Trumpers that he put in place in the Secret Service, that politicized the Secret Service was reported, now, they’re denying it. As in the past with Donald Trump, everybody knows they’re lying, but now we’re supposed to think that would we have text messages that would back this up from the Secret Service, we’re supposed to think it’s a bureaucratic snafu. It doesn’t work that way.”

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The segment closed with Scarborough saying, “They knew, again, this is like the days after Pearl Harbor, it’s like the days after Pearl Harbor, the people running radar are burning all their documents at the base there. Nobody would believe that was a bureaucratic snafu. It was the destruction of documents that could help us better understand what unfolded as a president who was defeated at the polls was attempting a fascist takeover of American democracy.”

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