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WATCH: Morning Joe Calls for Network Ban of Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway & Rudy Giuliani

WATCH: Morning Joe Calls for Network Ban of Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway & Rudy Giuliani

The release of the Mueller Report was embarrassing for Sarah Huckabee Sanders as it proved she had lied to the press. The White House Press Secretary went on a press blitz this weekend in an attempt to explain her actions.

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While discussing her multiple weekend interviews, Morning Joe’s, Mika Brzezinski, opined that she shouldn’t have had the opportunity. The host says that cable news shows should ban Sarah Sanders along with Kellyanne Conway and Rudy Giuliani.

Brzezinski asked of the Press Secretary, “Do we interview Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Do we put her on airwaves at this point? What happens to briefings if they ever come back? Where do we go with a situation like this?”

Joe Scarborough then weighed in on the conversation:

“I was watching some hosts interview Giuliani and he was saying things that were objectively false. I sat there wondering ‘okay well if you’ve got to let this guy on despite the fact that he’s going to lie, why don’t you interrupt him and call out on every lie as they’re moving forward? I don’t understand. That’s not even-handed journalism. That’s just allowing a propagandist to come on and tell knowable lies.”

Giuliani has had multiple concerning appearances since the release of the report. On one occasion, he claimed the Trump Tower meeting was a set up. During another appearance, he said there was “nothing wrong” with taking information from the Russian.

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Brzezinski finished the segment by saying, “It’s time to take a stand. If [Sanders] won’t step down, we need to step up.”

Watch the segment here:

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