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WATCH: Mo Brooks Lays Out New Election Battleground: Trump vs. Mitch McConnell

WATCH: Mo Brooks Lays Out New Election Battleground: Trump vs. Mitch McConnell

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) is running for a Senate seat, and he’s keeping up the effort to stay in Donald Trump’s good graces and maintain his endorsement. As for Trump, he may not hold any elected seat, but he can sure hold a grudge, and in this case, Mitch McConnell is the target.

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According to Brooks’ new video, it’s McConnell vs. Trump, “in a war for the heart and soul of the Republican Party,” and he’s very clear what side he stands on: Trump’s. If he’s elected, he promises to fight to keep McConnell from leading the GOP in the Senate, and he’s calling on other Republicans to sign a pledge to do the same.

He’s also asking other senators and candidates to make the same promise — to “fire” Mitch McConnell, and he’s got a new campaign site focused on soliciting donations from voters who agree with Trump and Brooks, and want to replace McConnell with a more MAGA-aligned Republican to lead in the Senate.

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Trump seems to have never gotten over McConnell’s refusal to support his “stolen election” lies, when McConnell feared that the disinformation campaign would cost Republicans control of the U.S. Senate. McConnell’s occasional public statement of truth — declaring Donald Trump responsible for the attack on Congress — hasn’t exactly helped along relations between the two.

Now it seems MAGA candidates may find themselves caught in the middle, forced to choose a side — and as Brooks himself says, it’s down to Trump or McConnell, for control of the party.

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