[WATCH] ‘Mitch, PLEASE’: Acosta Rips McConnell Over Jan 6th Commission

CNN’s Jim Acosta has never backed down from telling a Republican leader the truth about themselves. Acosta famously parried with the former guy to the point where he was temporarily banned from the White House Briefing Room. Once reinstated, Acosta picked up where he left off, refusing to be ignored and remaining unflappable no matter how low the insult would go.

Now Acosta has aimed his laser focus and sharp tongue at Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who only publicly spoke out against the formation of an independent January 6th Commission after the former guy released a statement opposing it. The Trumpublicans who fell in line behind McConnell all showed their hands by voting against the Commission on Wednesday, with 175 Republicans choosing to apparently protect themselves instead of thoroughly investigating the largest domestic terrorist attack ever perpetrated on American soil.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Republicans actively campaigned against the Commission, with some resorting to pressuring others into voting no by sending letters.

Acosta pulled no punches when he delivered his message to McConnell, who has never met a political issue he couldn’t manipulate through several news cycles. Acosta rightly maintained that in no way should Republicans be rewriting the history of January 6th.

“Mitch, please,” Acosta smirks at one point in the segment, which made Twitter very happy as everyone always enjoys a good GOP drag.

Expect to see that “Mitch, please” moment go viral and get the full meme/GIF treatment. You can watch Jim Acosta’s full three and a half minute segment, below.


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