WATCH: Mitch McConnell Warns Trump “Has His Own Agenda” For Midterm Elections

Mitch McConnell is still walking the fine line of breaking from Donald Trump while trying not to do so openly enough to alienate the Republican base that’s still enamored with the ex-president. However, he’s still very clear on one point: his agenda and Trump’s are not necessarily the same.


Check out the Fox News clip below via the Daily Beast‘s Justin Baragona. In it, McConnell is given an opportunity to say that he welcomes Trump’s help in the midterm elections — and he won’t do it. Instead, he emphasizes that the former president has his own agenda, and it’s not the one McConnell is focused on.

Donald Trump has said he’s focused on helping Republicans take back the House in this election, but he’s also pushed for MAGA candidates to run primary campaigns against the Republican incumbents who have opposed him. He’s even played with the unlikely notion that he would run himself, and become Speaker of the House.

Meanwhile, McConnell says his focus is on opposing any goals the Biden Administration may set its sights on. He doesn’t go so far as to declare exactly what he thinks Trump’s agenda is, but he’s very clear that he doesn’t consider it to match his own.

McConnell and Trump’s divide is no secret, and was on prominent display as McConnell refused to support efforts to overturn the 2020 election, reportedly for (apparently well-founded) fear that Trump’s election lies would turn away Republican voters in Georgia and cost conservatives the Senate, and in turn, cost McConnell his position as Majority Leader.

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