WATCH: Mitch McConnell Still Isn't Ready To Endorse Donald Trump

Mitch McConnell has been in control of the Republican party for many years partly because he could understand political realities. And he understands that while Donald Trump is very popular with GOP voters, the 45th President could really hurt the party in the general election. 

Like some Conservatives, McConnell held out hope that a Republican candidate could come in and beat out the former President. Trump is easily fending off challenger Nikki Haley, though, there are some warning signs related to his current campaign. 

Still, it is clear that unless something dramatic happens, Trump will be the Republican nominee. But McConnell still doesn't seem ready to throw his endorsement behind the former President. 

A reporter asked the Senate Minority Leader on Tuesday, "Over the weekend, Senator [John] Thune came out and he endorsed Trump. The other lieutenants have endorsed Trump. Why are you holding out in endorsing the likely nominee?"

McConnell answered, "I don’t have any announcement about that today."

Following the 2021 insurrection. McConnell was willing to blame Trump. He was not, however, willing to convict him of impeachment. 

And Trump certainly doesn't care for the Kentucky senator all that much. He said earlier this month, "He’ll (McConnell) probably end up endorsing me. I don’t know that I can work with him. He gave away trillions of dollars that he didn’t have to, trillions of dollars. He made it very easy for the Democrats."