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WATCH: Mitch McConnell Attacks Dems For “Toddler Takeover” Legislation

WATCH: Mitch McConnell Attacks Dems For “Toddler Takeover” Legislation

When Mitch McConnell drones on about a “toddler takeover,” he’s not describing an effort to put Donald Trump back in the White House. No, he’s trying to scare parents into rejecting legislation that would make childcare more accessible and affordable for parents struggling to afford to keep their jobs.

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If you ask parents what the hardest part of maintaining their job and family simultaneously is, an awful lot of them are going to tell you it’s finding safe, reliable, affordable childcare. The emphasis will often be on ‘affordable.’ Democrats have been fighting for a law that would provide government subsidies to help lower-income parents afford childcare, allowing both parents (or single parents) to work.

McConnell doesn’t like this.

“The far left’s efforts to grab more control about how we raise our kids,” is how McConnell describes the legislation, but in December, HuffPost caught him describing his real concern.

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In the first few years of these subsidies, he argued, prices for childcare will rise, and there will be fewer openings for children, as happens when the demand for a product or service rises. This, he says, will affect parents who are not eligible for assistance.

Even wealthy parents might find that childcare access is a little tighter during the time it takes to expand availability.

So, the hardship that is acceptable when it’s heaped on the lowest-income families is suddenly too much if families with slightly higher (or much higher) incomes have to deal with it?

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