[WATCH] Mississippi Politician Tells Black Politician That He “Needs To Learn”

An interview with two Mississippi lawmakers became uncomfortable when the white lawmaker made a comment with racial overtones. Making the moment more uncomfortable was a man who decided to fly the Mississippi state flag so that its Confederate emblem would fly above the black man’s head.

MSNBC was conducting an interview with state House Minority Leader Robert Johnson III regarding the state legislature’s decision to remove the Confederate emblem from the flag. Johnson said, “The flag is just a beginning,” referring to his political rival Mississippi’s Republican Speaker of the House Philip Gunn who was standing next to him. Gunn replied, “He decided to cooperate this time. That’s what happened. And he needs to learn to do more of that.” Gunn seemed to be joking but Johnson did not expect the comment.

Johnson replied, “Okay. Well, I’ve learned. I’m older than he is. I would say that he has to learn. But both of us are learning. So, we’ll do that.” You can watch the interview.

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