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WATCH: Militia Leader Tells Alex Jones That his Group is Ready to Kill Democratic “Street Soldiers”

WATCH: Militia Leader Tells Alex Jones That his Group is Ready to Kill Democratic “Street Soldiers”

This year’s election will be unlike any other in American history. It will be the first we’re polling places are likely to see armed militias standing outside of polling places in an effort to intimidate Democrats. This whole idea has been pushed by the Trump campaign. Just this morning, Trump tweeted a message asking for “poll watchers.”

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These militias have had some ugly moments this year including a storming of the Michigan state house and plan to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Conspiracy mongering host Alex Jones invited militia leader Stewart Rhodes onto a recent show. The Oath Keeper leader said that he and his group are prepared to kill Democrats.

Jones began the interview by asking, “How would you describe the battle space we’re in and what we’re headed for right now?

It’s both mass gas-lighting like what you were just talking about, but also mass projection. They’re accusing us of doing everything they’re trying to do. For example, you have terrorists on the streets, coercing Trump supporters trying to keep them from getting inside Trump rallies. Beating them for even just walking around with a Trump t-shirt.

He continued, “And of course you expect them to do that on election day. And so that when those of us who are tasked with defending your rights announce we’re going to stand up and protect people on election day, they immediately spin that we’re the ones that are going to be going out there to intimidate voters….But that’s what they’re going to do.

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Later in the interview, “Rhodes also hyped the possibility of a second civil war where his battle-hardened supporters kill the street soldiers and command and control of “the radical left.”


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