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WATCH: Miles Taylor Says America Won’t Reach it’s 300 Birthday If Trump Isn’t Stopped

WATCH: Miles Taylor Says America Won’t Reach it’s 300 Birthday If Trump Isn’t Stopped

It was baffling to see just how fast the Republican party surrendered to Donald Trump. GOP lawmakers like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz went from calling the former president unfit to serve to becoming loyal lackeys in the blink of an eye.

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And with each passing day, it becomes clear that the party will be rolling with Trump no matter what happens. There are a few Republicans, though, willing to stand up to try and stop him.

Miles Taylor is one of them. Taylor actually served in the Department of Homeland Security under Trump. And last night he warned that America won’t live to see its 300th birthday if Trump isn’t stopped.

Taylor made the comments during an appearance on Nicolle Wallace’s show. The host asked, “Miles, I love you, brother, but I’m going to give it to you straight. The moment to do this was 2016 when some of us voted for Hillary Clinton and didn’t go serve in the administration and put a patina of all of your stature on him. What is the hope? What can you do now?”

The former DHS staffer responded:

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“So, what we’re doing this week at the Renew America movement is releasing a slate of those candidates, a slate of Democrats, Independents, and a handful of courageous Republicans that should be defended. On the Democratic side, it’s people like Elissa Slotkin and Abbey Spanberger, and in other places, we’re going to suggest that progressives, patriotic progressives, support folks like Evan McMullin, who’s running as a center-right candidate against Mike Lee in Utah. So, that sort of coalition campaigning is what we’re trying to do, and it did work to beat Donald Trump and we’ve got to stick to that model.”

Taylor added, “I’m worried that American democracy won’t reach its 300th birthday if we don’t do this.”

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