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WATCH: Mike Lindell Wants To Deliver Pillows To Canada Truckers — But There’s A Vax Mandate At The Border

WATCH: Mike Lindell Wants To Deliver Pillows To Canada Truckers — But There’s A Vax Mandate At The Border

Does Mike Lindell know what the ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada is protesting, at all? Maybe he’s just missed that the very rules they’re protesting would apply to him, and anyone doing deliveries for MyPillow, too.

[Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]

Canada has placed firm mandates for border crossing. Anyone entering the country, even if they’re entering it driving a truck, delivering necessary goods, or otherwise entering to provide essential services, will be asked to provide proof of vaccination. Angry truckers who are resisting this mandate have been staging a protest, which has included, at some points, blocking access to government buildings, and blocking border crossings.

Here’s Mike Lindell, on RightSideBroadcasting explaining how he plans to support the protest by delivering his MyPillow products to the truckers. He says they have to be delivered from his U.S. factories, since he was ‘canceled’ so effectively in Canada that his factories there have slowed production.

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However, when he talks about ‘obstructionists’ potentially preventing him from entering the country, it’s a bit ironic, since the very truckers he’s supporting have been the ones blocking the border, as the New York Times has been reporting this week.

The other entity most likely to stop Lindell, or trucks from his companies, is actually the Canadian government. They’ve provided a checklist of items needed to enter the country, including proof of vaccination and a negative test, as well as a quarantine plan in case of a positive test. There are exceptions but it would likely fall to the discretion of a government agent to determine whether an anti-vax political figure using a protest that has crossed lines into illegality as a promotional stunt for his products would be one of those exceptions.

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