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WATCH: Mike Lindell Says Preliminary Injunction Coming Thursday Will Shock The Nation

WATCH: Mike Lindell Says Preliminary Injunction Coming Thursday Will Shock The Nation

Mike Lindell is making promises again. This time, he’s assuring the folks who continue to trust him that his newest legal action will get voting machines out of the election process, permanently. This time, too, the preferred deadline is a little closer than some of his predictions, so that the disappointment for his fans can come more quickly: Thursday is only a day away.

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In the clip below, Lindell explains his current plan. He’s slightly diverting his focus from the longstanding plan to have Donald Trump restored to the presidency, to focus on eliminating voting machines and thereby prevent them from repeating the role he (falsely) claims they had in 2020, of changing votes to make Trump lose.

“The preliminary injunction, the first one in the United States, it’s going to come out on Thursday, we’re looking at Thursday if everything goes right. I’m not gonna give all the details, there’s surprises, it’s gonna shock the country as a matter of fact, how we’re doing these and how they’re going down.”

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Lindell says that all the journalists writing “stupid stories” about subpoenas (presumably those hitting people connected to both Donald Trump and the January 6th attack) should instead be focused on “the biggest crime in history,” by which he seems to mean the disproven claim that the 2020 election was “stolen.”

World Wire explains that Lindell is filing injunctions to try to get an order that machines cannot be used in the election process, but that doing so now is an unusual step, since these are typically used as a temporary measure to maintain the current status quo until a final court order can be issued, and there are years yet before Trump can lose another election.

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