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WATCH: Mike Lindell Says His Bank Accounts Are Closed After Fans’ Harassment

WATCH: Mike Lindell Says His Bank Accounts Are Closed After Fans’ Harassment

Oopsie. Mike Lindell is now finding multiple financial institutions don’t want to do business with him, after he made a public nuisance through a lot of conspiracy theories, lawsuits for defamation, and election lies and turmoil. However, reading between the lines of Lindell’s own side of the story, it sounds like it took a mass harassment campaign, from his own fans, to finally result in yet another deplatforming for the MyPillow guy.

[Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images]

In the clip below, Lindell tells right-wing news network, RSBN, that Heartland Financial Minnesota Bank & Trust reached out to him and said they didn’t want to be associated with him after he opened accounts for FrankSpeech and FrankSpeech. He himself indicates that there was no problem while he held accounts only for projects like his addiction recovery outreach, but after he added the networks he uses to promote the same election propaganda that resulted in defamation lawsuits.

However, this wasn’t the only interview Lindell gave about his banking woes. Speaking to Steve Bannon on the War Room podcast, he expressed appreciation for fans who contacted the bank officials, and tacitly admitted it was only after this that his account was shut down.

Sure enough, the GatewayPundit reported over a month ago, when Lindell previously appeared on Bannon’s podcast to complain about bein debanked, and Bannon (and GatewayPundit posted contact information for CEOs of the financial institutions in question.

Notably, despite Lindell sharing this publicly weeks ago, he also says in the RSBN interview that he had ‘a few days’ notice,’ and in the interview with Steve Bannon, indicates that he was blindsided by the letter arriving on a Friday afternoon.

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