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WATCH: Mike Lindell Says He Prayed Georgia Democrats Would Be Elected To Senate

WATCH: Mike Lindell Says He Prayed Georgia Democrats Would Be Elected To Senate

In January of 2021, the U.S. voting populace waited to see what the government would be for the next two years. It was already affirmed that Donald Trump had lost and Joe Biden would be assuming office as President (though it wasn’t yet known that an armed mob would try to prevent it), but what of Congress? Democrats had the House, but the Senate could still go either way, depending on the special elections in Georgia.

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If Georgia sent two, or even one, Republican to the Senate, then the GOP would hold the majority, and could easily shut down any progressive legislation. If two Democrats were chosen, however, the Senate would be an even split, with a Democrat (VP Kamala Harris) as tiebreaker.

In fact, it was for this reason that some Republicans (such as Mitch McConnell, whose role as Majority Leader was at stake) refused to support Trump’s claims that the election had been stolen — they didn’t want Georgia GOP voters to decide it wasn’t worth showing up at the polls.

Mike Lindell, one of the strongest advocates for Trump’s false claims, says that he took the exact opposite path.

According to Lindell, he genuinely wanted Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to win the special election, because this would somehow force people to take the “stolen election” stories more seriously. Unable to sway the outcome more directly, Lindell says he put in the work with his prayers — and got exactly what he asked for, as Warnock and Ossoff both proceeded to their Senate seats.

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