WATCH: Mike Lindell Claims His “Not Dominion” Case Will Win Over SCOTUS, 9-0

Mike Lindell is not giving up on his election claims, although he’s now emphasizing that Dominion Voting Systems isn’t part of the next case. He still claims to believe that there is evidence of widespread election fraud, and he’s hoping the Supreme Court will agree with him in July.

[Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]

Patriot Takes shared a video clip in which Mike Lindell joins Steve Bannon on War Room. In it, Lindell announces the debut of his new 20-minute video in which he again claims to have absolute proof of election fraud. (Recall that his previous film, titled ‘Absolute Proof,’ consisted predominantly of several people explaining their opinion, without any actual evidence, that the election was ‘stolen.’)

Despite the Supreme Court rejecting the election cases so far, Lindell is certain that this one will be a unanimous win — so much so that he’s titled it “Absolutely 9-0,” with the numbers representing his belief that all nine SCOTUS Justices will be on his side.

He is hoping the case will be taken up in July. However, he’s very emphatic in making sure to clarify that this case does not involve Dominion Voting Systems, which has already sued him for spreading defamatory claims about their company.

For what it’s worth, Lindell’s promise that SCOTUS will unanimously agree with his claims isn’t new either. In March, he promised that a case SCOTUS would “have to” accept was coming, and that it would be “a 9-0 vote” in his favor. That case was promised to be presented within 5-6 weeks. (I won’t make you do the math — it’s been about twice that.)

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