WATCH: Mike Lindell Claims American Express Is Trying To Destroy My Pillow

Mike Lindell appeared on Alex Jones's show on Thursday and claimed that credit card giant American Express is trying to destroy his pillow company. 

A few short years ago, Lindell had a thriving company that regularly advertised on Fox News. He became somewhat of a celebrity in MAGA world, appearing on right-wing cable networks and Donald Trump rallies. 

Following Trump's loss in 2020, Lindell has frequently claimed to have information that would change the results. He has never been able to prove his allegations. His business has also suffered due to him being named in a lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Machines and he told Jones that it is the result of a coordinated attack. 

When that happened, I had vendors get very nervous, and banks get very nervous about my bills," said the pillow guy. "They're calling me up. I said, no, that doesn't even go into court 'til next year.

Lindell continued:

"Well, then when American Express did this two weeks ago, Alex, it's vendor after vendor I've had to meet with. They want to pull in their credit lines. Instead of 120, you have 60 days where you're basically collapsing a whole company. So I've had to meet with each individual vendor and give them peace of mind saying, hey, we're here to stay. If you do this, you do collapse us like American Express is trying to do. And they — it was just, it's just [a] terrible, terrible attack."