WATCH: Mike Lindell Begs Republicans to Not Vote Early

Once upon a time, Republicans were very skilled at getting out the early vote. In close elections, when every vote counts, it is essential for parties to make sure that people who may not otherwise be able to cast a ballot can take advantage or early voting or the ability to vote by mail. 

But along with Donald Trump came a rash of lies and conspiracy theories about voting, much of it pushed by Mike Lindell. And on Thursday, Lindell warned his listeners that they need to avoid voting early. 

The pillow guy was angry because the RNC is trying to get the early vote out. He yelled on his broadcast, "That's all we're asking: you better get behind this, RNC. Every single GOP in the country, every single state should be filing an amicus brief. This isn't about the stolen election. This is about future elections. We can't have computers in our election."

Lindell continued:

"I'm gonna say this now: they can sit there and say, oh, let's go ballot harvest, like, and vote early like the Democrats. Rubbish, you do not vote early! You vote same day, everybody! I will be preaching that right up until the election day! You vote same day! Well, Mike, what if something happens like it did in Arizona, where 242 machines went down.  Well, you know what? The public won't stand for this," he added. "Why would you use the machines if you're worried about that?"