WATCH: Mike Johnson Explains Why He's Not Worried About Marjorie Taylor Greene

Donald Trump's election in 2016 convinced several unqualified Conservatives that they can win elections too. The results have certainly hurt the GOP. A handful of extremist Republican Reps were able to force out Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Marjorie Taylor Greene is now threatening to do the same to Mike Johnson. 

Johnson is currently working with the White House on a bill to fund Ukraine's war efforts against Russia. And if he does so, Greene says she will vote to vacate his seat. But the Speaker told Kaitlan Collins last night that he is not worried about that happening. 

When asked about the issue, Johnson responded, "I have a job to do. We all have to do our jobs. Marjorie Taylor Greene is very upset about the lack of oversight over the funding and over the lack of an articulation of a plan, as am I. All of us–"

Collins jumped in, "But she doesn’t care about a plan. She doesn’t want any Ukraine funding, period, no matter what the White House says the plan is."

Johnson continued:

"I understand. I’ve talked with her about it personally at great length and she’s made her position very clear. We have to do our job. We have to continue to ensure that we’re covering all these bases and we’ll see how this all shakes out. I’m not worried about that. I got a job to do here. And we have to make sure we get the answers that we demanded."