WATCH: Mike Johnson Claims Trump's 'Poison Blood' Comments Aren't Hateful

The Speaker of the House traditionally is the presiding officer over the House of Representatives. If you are the current GOP Speaker of the House, however, you're main job is running cover for Donald Trump and his actions. 

Kevin McCarthy took his job of protecting Trump very seriously and Mike Johnson, the latest Speaker, is set on doing the same thing. Johnson appeared on Face the Nation on Sunday and tried his best to explain why Trump's hateful words against immigrants aren't all that bad. 

Referring to Trump's claims that immigrants poison the blood of America, Johnson claimed, "He’s been saying this since he ran for president the first time that we have to secure the border, and I think the vast majority of the American people understand the necessity of that and I think they agree with his position."

Host Margaret Brennan noted that Johnson said those weren't the words he would have used, and asked, "Cause it sounds hateful."

Johnson responded:

"Well, it’s not hateful,” Johnson shot back. “What President Trump is trying to advance is his America first priority. And I think that makes sense to a lot of people. The current President, President Biden wants additional supplemental spending on national security, but he denies the most important point of our own national security. And that is our own border."