WATCH: Mika Brzezinski Rips Ted Cruz’s Pathetic Photo-Op

It’s been said that Americans have short memories when it comes to the news. That’s certainly what Ted Cruz was hoping for this weekend. On Saturday, the senator posted photos of him handing out cases of water to struggling Texans.

Image Via Ted Cruz Twitter Account

The internet was not buying it. Cruz was roundly mocked on the internet Sunday for his feeble effort. Mika Brzezinski dedicated a Monday segment ripping into the GOP lawmaker’s pathetic photo-op.

The Morning Joe host began:

“Speaking of leadership, Ted Cruz, when his house was freezing, just like the people who died — a woman who was found in her backyard, the man found in his house, the little boy who died in his home — Ted Cruz left his freezing house and went to CancĂșn. Now the senator [is] seemingly in damage control mode after rushing back and posting photos over the weekend of himself loading water into Texans’ cars with the hashtag #Texasstrong. Are you kidding me? Many online criticized the move as simply a photo-op, obviously it is.”

Brzezinski continued, “He wasn’t planning on being there, he was going to be on the beach with his family. Some pointing out he broke quarantine protocol after traveling international.”

Guest Michael Steele then weighed in, “The immediate response from Texans is severe, severe enough to get him back on a plane less than 12 hours after he left the state. The idea that [his] intention was to always just go drop [his] family off and come back belied by the facts. No, you booked a ticket right through the weekend, you asked your college roommate to come join you — he got on a plane and flew to CancĂșn as well.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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