WATCH: Mika Brzezinski Explains Why Trump Is Now "Gray"

Donald Trump was able to take over the Republican party for many reasons. One of the main ones was his arrogant and cocky personality. While that kind of personality can turn off many voters, it only seemed to endear Donald Trump to Conservatives. 

Trump's bombastic personality seems to be fading though. And according to Mika Brzezinski, his personality is now far different than it was just a few short years ago. 

The Morning Joe co-host began, "I know this is sort of looking at sort of the exterior things, in the courtroom just the demeanor of Trump and just watching this closely from home, seeing him coming into court from the beginning I feel like, I don't want to overstate it, he seems very subdued."

Brzezinski continued, "His colorful personality is almost turned gray. If I could, I just wonder if it's the walking in and having to sit down, cameras in his face, arch enemies in his courtroom every day — is it getting to him or the case itself bothering him."

In the 2020 election, Conservative media went out of their way to portray Joe Biden as feeble and old and Donald Trump as spry and energetic. The shoe certainly seems to be on the different foot during this election cycle and Trump seems likely to continue to fade as his legal problems continue.