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WATCH: Mika Brzezinski Absolutely Destroys McConnell Over Senator’s Hypocrisy

WATCH: Mika Brzezinski Absolutely Destroys McConnell Over Senator’s Hypocrisy

Mitch McConnell always treated Donald Trump like a useful idiot. The Kentucky senator was happy to use the former president to get tax cuts and judges placed, but once Trump was voted out of office, McConnell was quick to cut bait.

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Following the insurrection on January 6th, the senate minority leader ripped Trump and his followers. But McConnell also encouraged his senators to vote against an investigation into that day’s events. Mika Brzezinski ripped him for his hypocrisy on Tuesday.

The Morning Joe co-host began, “Why doesn’t he want to say more? Why doesn’t he want to validate that this was an attack on our democracy, that people were killed, that people were tortured, that laws were broken, that our democracy was interrupted in process. Why? Let’s see. He did say that, he said it on the 6th, so as the Senate minority leader suggested, here is exactly what he said on the 6th and on both of those days he mentioned.”

After playing clips of McConnell calling the attack an insurrection, she continued, “They tried to disrupt our democracy. You can see that happening. This is what he’s talking about, these people storming the Capitol, climbing in the windows, beating each other. Using American flags as weapons. He says they failed, they failed to attempt to obstruct the Congress. This failed insurrection only underscores how crucial the task before us is for our republic.”

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Brzezinski closed, “I appreciate that he said these words, and I appreciate that he referred back to them. That he calls this what it is, an insurrection.”


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