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[Watch] Michelle Obama Says America ‘Can’t Afford To Withhold Our Votes’

[Watch] Michelle Obama Says America ‘Can’t Afford To Withhold Our Votes’

With less than one month before the election, there is so much noise and nonsense swirling around. It is hard to see what is truthful and what is not. But thankfully, the Obamas are a steady voice that can provide immense comfort in a time of utter chaos.

Michelle Obama gave a forceful speech on why America needs to have a plan to vote now so it can elect Joe Biden as President and save the United States’ democracy.

Michelle Obama mentions in the video that everyone must vote and should go to IWillVote.com if you have not yet.

If you know someone who is on the fence about voting, send them to this website and get them to sign up and vote!

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If everyone gets one person to sign up and vote, Joe Biden will win the election and American democracy will be saved. But it will not be easy. It will take everyone joining the fight.

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