[WATCH] Michele Fiore Resigns As Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem After Racially Charged Remarks

Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michel Fiore is no longer Mayor pro tem after stepping down during a city hall press conference. The press conference took place at 5 pm Tuesday PST. Fiore was joined by Mayor Carolyn Goodman. Goodman herself is no stranger to controversy herself, having recently offered up the Las Vegas community as a “control group” for COVID-19 exposure. Goodman, along with many others was taken by surprise at Fiore’s decision. Fiore has been blasted for racially charged comments she allegedly made during a GOP convention. Fiore has denied making the remarks and also said they are not the reason she is vacating her position.

According to the Reno-Gazette, Councilwoman Michele Fiore “denied her stepping down had anything to do with comments made at a GOP event. Fiore gave up her position, she said, to “focus hard” on getting President Donald Trump re-elected.

“I’ve got five months to make sure we get four more years of Donald J. Trump,” said Fiore, who was re-elected as Republican national committeewoman. “I can tell the rioters and all the bad actors here in our city and across the nation that they’ve made my job a whole heck of a lot easier because a majority of Americans do not like riots, they do not like mayhem and they do not like this divide.”

Fiore’s stepping down as mayor pro tem is not resignation as a councilwoman. The position of vice mayor will now go to another council member.” Goodman has said she recommends Councilman Stavros Anthony for the Pro Tem slot, but no announcement has been been made as of this moment.

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