WATCH: Michael Wolff Explains Why Trump Keeps Giuliani Around Even Though He’s “Drunk All the Time”

Most people who work with Donald Trump don’t stick around forever. They either get fed up and quit or end up facing legal problems Rudy Giuliani, though, has constantly been by Trump’s side. Outside of his immediate family, the former New York City Mayor has been one of Trump’s longest serving aides.

Trump lawyers suffer consequences
[Photo by DON EMMERT/AFP via Getty Images]
The problem is, Giuliani is largely incompetent. Acting his an elections lawyer, he frequently humiliated himself while trying to overturn the 2020 election. Despite his actions, Trump continued to let him represent him. During a recent interview, author Michael Wolff explained why.

The author of Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump President says, “[Trump is living] in the land of absurdity” and Giuliani is “most of the time, frankly, drunk.”

Wolff continued, “This [Giuliani] is a man who can’t stand the fact that he was pushed out, that he’s a non-player, over the hill, he didn’t become president, his career petered out, and because of this he was willing to do anything, willing to say anything. The secret of getting along with Donald Trump — it’s a very simple secret — is merely saying what he wants you to say. If you do that, he embraces you.”

The author closed, “Trump would go around saying, ‘Rudy is drunk. Rudy falls asleep. Rudy should be put out to pasture.’ But it doesn’t make any difference, because if Rudy was the only person — and in many cases he was — the only person saying what the president wanted to hear, he’s back in, he’s running the show.”


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