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WATCH: Michael Steele Rips McConnell For Disappearing When GOP Needs Him the Most

WATCH: Michael Steele Rips McConnell For Disappearing When GOP Needs Him the Most

Donald Trump may have been the President for the last four years. It was actually Mitch McConnell, though, who actually wielded the power over the GOP.

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And McConnell was only willing to put up with Trump for as long as it was useful to him. With rumors that the Senate Minority Leader could vote to convict Trump, it seems like he thinks that usefulness has come to an end.

But the Republican party is generally in tatters right now. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy flew to Florida to mend fences with Trump this week. McConnell, though, has been quiet. During a Sunday appearance on MSNBC, Michael Steele called out McConnell for the disappearing act.

Host Jonathan Capehart began, “You know, I mean, I’ve taken to calling House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy like the human weather vane — one minute he’s holding President Trump accountable, the next he’s standing in the gilded gold at Mar-a-Lago and putting out a tweet that is just politically obscene. And then on the other side of the Capitol complex, in the Senate, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has gone — he’s missing. where’s his voice?”


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The former RNC Chairman responded, “Probably having, you know, quiet time somewhere.” Steele continued:

“What he’s trying to do is hold as much ground as he can hold. For McConnell, it’s about a position of power in the Senate and how he figures out how to hold those grounds to serve his caucus. He’s not interested in anything related to Trump. He’s not going to bring pressure on McCarthy or anyone else to do the right thing. You’ll see that play out when this impeachment trial gets underway.”

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