WATCH: Michael Flynn Denies Calling For Coup — See The Video, Decide For Yourself

General Michael Flynn — free to take on public speaking, now that his sentence has been commuted and a pardon issued by Donald Trump during the last weeks of his presidency — says that he never called for a coup. What does the audio say?

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

After a video clip in which Flynn appears to say that a coup similar to the one in Myanmar should be carried out in the USA went viral, Flynn posted on social media to deny it. Patriot Takes documented the denial.

Flynn says that his words were twisted and taken out of context at a “lively panel.” The clip from the panel is below.

The audio isn’t perfectly clear, but an audience member can be heard asking, “I wanna know what happened in [Myanmar] can’t happen here.”

There are cheers and screams, then Flynn says, “No reason.”

The audio of the next few sentences isn’t as clear, but Flynn seems to say, “I mean, it should happen. There’s no reason.”

Another recipient of a Trump pardon, Roger Stone agrees. Patriot Takes documented him sharing a Business Insider article, deriding the news site for being ‘fake’ and run by ‘demented leftists,’ but as Patriot Takes points out, that article also has the video clip, in which it sounds like Flynn says “It should happen.”

Flynn says that what he actually said was, “There’s no reason it should happen here.”

Listeners will have to judge the audio and inflection for themselves, and determine whether Flynn’s pause represents a sentence break (“There’s no reason. It should happen.”) or just a breath (“There’s no reason…it should happen.”) as well as whether the ambiguity is deliberate, and what message the audience took, and was intended to take.

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